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Geography - Core Outlines

Geography - Core Outlines

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Are you just tired of all the incomplete or outdated material on IB Geography on the internet?

Here is all you need to know in an easy-to-read format made by students for students. Notes for all 4 of the SL and HL CORE Topics of IB Geography. Condensed relevant information means efficient revision and more time for other subjects!

These notes will be helpful last-minute revision before the IB-Exam or end-of-term Finals. They can also be used as an addition to your teacher's material during your junior or senior year, so you are ahead of the game, boosting your GPA.

Due to the use of titles/sub-titles and colours in MS-Word, opening the navigation-pane will let you jump directly to the desired topics, instead of scrolling through all 41 pages.

It includes Definitions, Case Studies with up-to-date stats, Diagrams, and Exam-tips. This was actually compiled by a group of students in ISF's 2014 Graduating class. Special Thanks goes to Taline, Mhairi, and Johannes. This also means that the revenue will support each one of us at University.

We wish you good luck on your exams!!

Grade 7
Institution ISF (unaffiliated)
Country United States
Level IB (Diploma Level Only)
File format DOCX

Reviews Of Our Outlines

“The best place to start your readings as you can build a basic infrastructure out of them, rather than blindly dive into pages and pages.” Student, University of Oxford
“I have found the Oxbridge notes to be a really effective aid to my revision, they were thorough, up to date and relevant to my subjects, and were the main contributing factors to my exam success, very powerful tool.” Student, University of Manchester
“No unnecessary information... Oxbridge Notes cut to the chase and are more than sufficient to do well in exams.” University of Southampton, Singapore

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Total Page Count: 41

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Advantages Of Geography - Core Outlines

  • Save Time! Why waste your precious time rewriting textbooks or typing out your old outlines when instead you can instantly download a set of Word documents with everything you need. You'll spend less time writing and more time studying for exams -- leading to better grades overall.
  • Focused On Exams! Textbooks, whilst great learning resources, sometimes give too much detail. By comparison our outlines will have no less and no more than what you need to make the grade.
  • Improve Your Grades! Our high quality and accurate outlines from Oxford and Cambridge's brightest students will serve as superb guides for helping you on your path to getting a 4.0. You'll see what top students take note of, and just as importantly, what they leave out.

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