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This product contains 29 documents written by 1 different author. Each author covered all of Constitutional Law in approximately 33 pages , but we combine a variety of authors from various years to maximize the possibility that your exam topics are well covered and in a learning style that suits you.

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Author 1

  • 15   Epc   Race Classifications
  • 16   Epc   Gender Classifications
  • 18   State Police Powers Generally
  • 2   Theory Of Enumerated Powers
  • 20   Preemption
  • 24   Sdp   Sexual Orientation
  • 25   Sdp   Refusal Of Medical Treatment
  • 26   Equal Protection Generally
  • 27   Epc   Race Classifications
  • 28   Epc   Gender Classifications
  • 29   Privileges   Immunities
  • 4   Spending Power
  • 6   Necessary   Proper Clause
  • 7   Enforcement Power
  • 8   Anti Commandeering

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Seller's description

This is a succinct outline of each major doctrine covered in Adler's Constitutional Law course. Each doctrine is current and presented in an attack-style paragraph format, conducive to the exam environment. A significant portion of the exam grade (and exam preparation) involves providing a detailed synopsis of the modern doctrine(s) applicable to the fact pattern(s). Each doctrine is categorized by the target of the challenge (federal or state), the source of law and common name of the doctrine, the level of scrutiny the Court applies, how that scrutiny works with the nuances of the particular doctrine and relevant considerations, and everything else necessary to provide a comprehensively detailed analysis. Just type it and apply.

Product properties

Grade B+
Institution Duke University School Of Law (unaffiliated)
Country United States
Level Juris Doctor
File format MS. Word

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