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Impeachment Of Witnesses Outline

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This is an extract of our Impeachment Of Witnesses document, which we sell as part of our Evidence Outlines collection written by the top tier of Oklahoma City University School Of Law students.

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IMPEACHMENT OF WITNESSES Direct Examination & Cross Examination Rule 611. Mode & Order of Interrogation & Presentation Control by the Court Ct. shall exercise reasonable control over the mode & order of interrogating witnesses so as to (1) truth

Make the interrogation & presentation effective for ascertaining the


Avoid needless time consumption


Protect witnesses from harassment or undue embarrasment

Scope of Cross-Examination Limited to the subj. matter of the direct examination and matters affecting the credibility of the witness. Court can exercise discretion & allow additional inquiry on other matters Leading Questions Shouldn't be used on direct examination except as may be necessary to develop the witness's testimony. Ordinariliy leading questions shld be allowe don cross-exam. If a party calls a hostile witness, an adverse party, or a witness identified w/ an adverse party, interrogation may be by leading questions Direct Examination Normally requires the lawyer to ask questions that call for short factual answers If a question calls for a lengthy answer it is called "asking for a narrative response" and is discouraged Non leading questions are those that don't suggest an answer & are often open ended & use "who, what, where, when why, how" Cross Examination The means by which a lawyer can attack the credibility of a witness, diminish any harmful effect of the witness's direct testimony, and obtain info that may be favorable

Impeachment of a Witness It means to discredit a witness for being untruthful in some manner

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