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Regulation Of Ibt Outline

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Intricately related to each other GATT/WTO agreements have as their basic premise the non-discrimination and national treatment policies among nations MFN accords preferential tariffs to all nations of the GATT/WTO who comply This non-discrimination treatment creates a level playing field in international business


GATT - 1994 o Replaced the GATT 1947
? Entered into after WWII (after Bretenwoods Conference) o Established rules of non-discrimination
? National treatment

* Treat goods coming from outside the country as if they were goods that were produced in your own country) o Was enacted pursuant to the establishment of the WTO o Provides MFN status, GSP, grace periods, etc.


WTO o WTO did not replace GATT (not dead) (GATT was just amended) o Main administering agent of the Int'l trade treaty governing tariffs among nations of the world who trade w/each other o Institution that administers and enforces through its dispute resolution mechanism the provisions of the GATT 1994 o 4 Plurality Agreements (only for specific countries)
? 30 multilateral agreements/treaties

* TRIPs, TRIMs, GATS, etc.

* Before you can be a member of WTO - must sign TRIPs & all m.l. agreements o Regulates tariffs on imports of products o WTO enables a country to sue another country o Dispute Settlement Body
? Tribunal where any country not abiding by the rules can be brought up on charges
? Sanctions can be instituted
? Concessions (higher tariffs) can be instituted
? Countries can lose MFN status if they do not obey rules



Most Favored Nation Status

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